On a Sunday we went to Aditi Alicante…….. Beautifully club but not the place for us, we think the problem is that the bar and the dance floor is overlooking the entrances from all the couples play zones but more importantly the zones were singles can be invited are directly visible for everybody. But……. That’s our own idea and maybe we have to get over it. We think that they better could change the zone (open and next to bar and dance floor) to mixed, and make the closet zone on the right side of the open space (if you’re with your back to the smokers zone) a zone where singles can come, so you’re not exposed to the hole club visitors zone if you just did 5 single man (or something like that) but again……. It’s just our thoughts, maybe I’m still to much keeping those things private and i am afraid that the hole club thinks, ……… We definitely try the club again on a Saturday, we keep you informed.


After a headache we went home from El Jardin Del Eden – Alicante, on our way home we drive past Aditi and we went to MC Donald for some food, after a while my headache was gone, I said to Amanda why don’t we end the night at the neighbors, Aditi ;). So sorry for everyone who always wanted to meet us in Aditi, it was not planned. We went to Aditi Alicante, it was a Saturday night, we were there at 01:30 till 04:30. We now begin to understand the layout and concept of the club, its starting to grow on us and we now like it, sometimes you need a second visit. However for a club as big as this one it’s not very busy for a Saturday, also there are a lot of people which only purchase of being there is to be pretty. Before 02:00 no play, at 04:00 the club begins to become emptie. We played in 4 or 5 rooms, no interaction from nobody, not only not with us but all couples only play with each other, the only interaction we had was with a couple which not really was a couple, every body now what I mean. We both are not a Barbie and Ken but not on active I think and hope 🙂 We will go more often to Aditi, just for a nice erotic night, whiteout expectations about the play. We had a nice and good time there. If we go next time, we keep you informed!

Carretera Valencia 21(Con Google Maps)
+34 625 953 258